Alfonso Campiglio was born in Milan, the headquarters of his photographic activity.

Cities and countries around the world are the backdrop to his productions. Realize covers, beauty services, and photos of nature for several international journals.

In 2009 ESSENCE conceives'''' traveling exhibition of beauty and art-nude exposed for the first time in Milan, where the images tell the deep work of the author with regard to feminine beauty. In 2012 a collection of these images will be published in the book'' HARMONY VELATE''. In 2013, conceives and begins conl'Istituto Milan ICCS project'' ECOLORI ART IN HOSPITAL'' aimed at humanizing, with images of nature, hospital environments.

From this project, published in 2013 the book'' LIGHT, COLOUR, SHAPE.''

also operates in the field of design, and in 2010 founded the project'''' CHARMING DE LA TABLE table design inspired by his photographs in production in Italy.